Micky Poirier


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the service and care you provided for our family in regards to our beloved dog Micky. Losing Micky was like losing a child, after all at 14 she was older by one year of our youngest son and we all took the loss very hard as it came suddenly and unexpected. My wife was determined to bring Micky home in a respectful manner and asked me to see if I could find a place that would do exactly that. After searching on line I found Cremanimo who immediately from my first call were very in tune and understood what had happened to us and what we were looking for and listened to my request attentively. I must say that upon our arrival we were greeted with class and dignity and Micky was presented to us far nicer than anything we would have expected. Everything was perfect from the rose with Micky’s name on it to the blanket that matched her beautiful coat to the sweet heart drawn on her box with her name, not to mention the lovely room we were allotted during this whole proceeding. We were given plenty of time to grieve and see our beloved Micky with no pressure and no one to tell us how and when we should proceed, we moved at our pace and Cremanimo was there every step along the way to support us. Once it was time to decide on what we wanted for Micky in terms of an Urn Cremanimo offered us many different models which suited exactly what we were looking for.. The urn was engraved on sight and turned out to be more than we expected. Micky was carefully wrapped in a silk pouch to bring home with us… In our case we requested we have some ashes to spread around Micky’s favourite playing and relaxing area’s of our yard and Cremanimo was more than happy to accommodate our request by providing us with a second silk pouch for us to spread at a later date.

Thank you Cremanimo from the bottom of our hearts as you truly went the extra mile to help us heal and grieve the loss of our family member Micky.

Brendan, Mathew, Kelly and Dan