Our urns

Our urns and other unique products

The majority of our urns are created exclusively for Crémanimo by local artisans. Each urn is unique, original and of the highest quality.

There are also many ways in which the urn can be personalized to suit your needs.


Urns included with the cremation

A variety of urns are available with our private cremation service. These urns are identified in our PDF catalog to help you make your selection.

Environmentally friendly urns

OPTION 1 (repeat of home page): We offer a wide array of ecologically responsible urns, made from recycled hardwood and containing no metal components. Our handmade urns are meticulously constructed using age-old carpentry techniques.

OPTION 2 (slightly different wording): We offer a selection of urns made from recycled hardwood, which are produced in an ecologically responsible manner and contain no metal components. These handmade urns are meticulously constructed using age-old carpentry techniques.

Ceramic urns

We offer more than twenty different ceramic urns in a variety of colors and shapes. The size of the urn is adapted to suit dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and other small animals.

Unique urns and reliquaries

We also offer a selection of urns and reliquaries that are distinguished by their shape and unique construction, which include: pyramid-shaped, stained glass, brass, and ceramic encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

Clay paw print

Our most recent innovation is the Paw Print service, which allows our clients to immortalize their pet’s paw print in clay.


  • The winner of our OMVQ 2019 draw

    1 November 2019

    Congratulations to Dr. Caroline Grondin from the Montérégie St-Hubert Veterinary Clinic! She is the winner of the draw of the DELL laptop that took place at the OMVQ 2019 Congress. Thank you to everyone who participated!

  • We are talking about Crémanimo

    11 October 2019

    This week, TVA Nouvelles Sherbrooke’s team came to visit us to talk with us. If you missed our television appearance, here’s the link to go see it. Click here

  • The AMVQ 2019 Convention

    12 April 2019

    This weekend, the annual Veterinary Convention of the AMVQ (Association of Veterinary Surgeons of Quebec) was held. For the occasion, the delegates had to vote for the most beautiful single booth. We thank you for choosing us!

  • Crémanimo on Marina Orsini show

    21 November 2018

    Marina Orsini welcomed on her show Yasmine Raphaël, veterinarian. She explained perfectly how to prepare ourselves the best to our pet death. She especially talks about euthanasia, cremation and the pet mourning as a child. Link to the article

  • EMA’s golf tournament

    21 November 2018

    Participating to the EMA’s (Événement Mieux-être Animal) golf tournament for the profit of ANIMA-Québec, DMV and Animo pour la vie foundations was such a pleasure for us. Our Porto-choco booth, was a great succes for another consecutive year! A special thanks to all those who have generously given to the animal cause  

  • Crémanimo on the « Salut Bonjour Week-End » television show

    21 November 2018

    Crémanimo on the « Salut Bonjour Week-End » television show, on TVA! This chronical on the animal mourning is such a great idea. A delicate subjet who as an impact on so many people. A special thank you to the Dr Claudia Gilbert who knew how to use the right words to talk about it. […]