CAYENNE Cheng-Benoit

2000 - 2013

2000/12/14 - 2013/02/25
We are told that you had wonderful 12 years with us. We say that we had wonderful 12 years 2 months and 11 days with you, a loving and sensitive, handsome and intelligent, energetic and naughty boy.

As your mama, I received so much love from you. For you, I have to stay positive because if I am not happy, you will frown, and you will bring your toys to me and kiss me until I smile again. You showed Mama and Papa that love is giving, giving and giving.

As your friend, I learned so much from you. You taught me to be patient and persistent. If we love doing something, we have to spend time doing it over and over again and trying to improve it at the same time. You even taught me French because you understand so many French words and sentences. You « forced » Mama to communicate in French with you.

Together, we explored this beautiful world; together, we tasted delicious food and wine; together, we experienced some difficulties in our life and celebrated many victories; … …

We won’t say goodbye to you; for us, you are never gone. You just need to rest at a better place for a while. Someday we will meet you there. And then we shall stay together forever.

Cayenne, mon garçon, mon beau petit bébé, mon beau petit amour.

Eternal love from your Mama, Papa, your sister Maya and Echo