Crémanimo understands the bond shared with your pet—he or she was a true family member, whose passing has left a space in your heart that you sometimes think can never be healed. But with time, compassion, and understanding, you can recover from the grief and find ways to cherish the memory of your special companion.

Specializing solely in pet aftercare, Crémanimo is a best-in-class pet cremation service that provides an unmatched level of service to address your specific needs with respectful, compassionate care. We provide pet families with personalized cremation services, a wide product offering, as well as guidance in a difficult time.

In addition to our memorial center cremation services, we provide pet families with materials that address both pre-planning and after-care options for your beloved pet. Our website also features an online pet memorial portal and a variety of remembrance items to help you preserve the memories of the life you shared. Crémanimo provides pet families with everything necessary to commemorate the life of your pet.

Whether you visit our facilities directly or have contacted us with the help of your caring veterinary practice, we are able to guide you through the decision-making process, helping you arrange for the care of your beloved pet. This includes pre-planning guidance; the development of individually tailored memorial services, a selection of personalized remembrance items, and ongoing grief support and resources for you and your family.

Crémanimo, more than an animal crematorium
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