Cremation services

The cremation method is the most humane, environmental and ecological way that exists to dispose of the body of your loyal companion. It is different with incineration techniques, which are in a constant evolution and appear to be the best solution and an essential service for all the people who respect animals.

Private cremation

The individual incineration service is mainly for people who wish to keep their pet ashes in an individual urn.

When you need it, we are here for you. We take care of all the details. This service is personalized, professional, tailored to your needs and certainly live up to your expectations.

Private cremation video

Assisted cremation

The assisted cremation allows the pet owner to assist the final stage if he or she wishes for personal meditation or to be assured of the authenticity of the ashes.

La crémation assistée vous permet de vivre ce moment selon vos besoins, de façon intime et personnel, à votre rythme ou selon vos convictions.

Assisted cremation video

Communal cremation

The communal cremation is for those who do not want to keep their pet cremains (ashes) but wishes to offer their pet a respectful end of life.

Therefore this service is mostly for APS and veterinaries so they can dispose, in a respectful way, of their clients’ animals.